All Products at a Glance

_/_/_/_/_/_/ P R O D U C T S _/_/_/_/_/_/

Our computational software products are:

  • DOVA - computes the far field radiation pattern
    of antennas mounted on platforms
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  • CDOVA - computes coupling gain/isolation
    as a function of frequency
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  • GeomFix - an environment for preparing
    CAD models for EM analysis
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  • All our products are complete packages and no add-ons are required.

    In fact, each of our products is a completely independent package.
    Each includes

    All our products, GeomFix, DOVA and CDOVA run on

    SGI workstations and PCs with LINUX come with standard pre-loaded software
    that includes the operating system, graphics packages, etc.
    Beyond these standard software, you do not need any other software
    in order to run our products and visualize models and patterns.

    All our products have an integrated visualization component that is based on excellent 3D graphics packages
    (that come as a standard with SGI systems and is available on LINUX platform)
    and allow to visualize the surface model as a smooth surface, a fireframe, a collection of vertices, etc.

    _/_/_/_/_/_/ H I G H     F R E Q U E N C Y _/_/_/_/_/_/

    DOVA and CDOVA are high-frequency packages that predict electromagnetic fields scattered and/or diffracted by platforms.
    Because each product is based on high-frequency methods, it assumes
    that the antenna is small relative to the overall size of the platform.

    _/_/_/_/_/_/ M O D E L S _/_/_/_/_/_/

    Our company can also provide you with needed models for some nominal price (depending on the complexity of the model).

    _/_/_/_/_/_/ M A N U A L S _/_/_/_/_/_/

    The Online User Manuals describe DOVA, CDOVA, and GeomFix
    and are available on the web

    _/_/_/_/_/_/ T R A I N I N G _/_/_/_/_/_/

  • Training can be provided at our office in Atlanta.
    Because the software is almost completely automated, such training does not require much time.


  • Training is scheduled at the earliest convenience upon completion of the purchase
    and is included in the price of software (see above for details)
  • If the training is required at the customer's offices the price and conditions have to be negotiated in each case.

    _/_/_/_/_/_/ E V A L U A T I O N _/_/_/_/_/_/

    _/_/_/_/_/_/ M A I N T E N A N C E _/_/_/_/_/_/

    Maintenance includes:
    Software related assistance by Email and/or limited Telephone for 12 months
    Free Upgrades for 12 months

    Please note that we'll be glad to provide assistance with engineering issues as well - on consulting basis.

    In such case we will develop a proposal (formal or informal, depending on the scope) and deliver services upon your acceptance of our proposal.

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