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MATIS. Inc. was founded in January 1990 in response to United States defense-related Scientific Computing needs

Our clients include the U.S. Government and private industry

We hold an Export Control Security Clearance

Mathematical Models & Algorithms Turned Into Software

We build geometric software designed to perform complex computations

Our software is based on sophisticated algorithms and uses 3D visualization as an integral part

As a part of this work we have developed a software package for fixing geometry of available models

Our software is a result of joint efforts by mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, and software engineers from the United States, Germany, Israel, and Russia.

Members of our team hold advanced degrees in their fields from universities with worldwide reputations for extremely thorough and broad scientific training. These academic credentials are augmented by a wealth of practical experience in the fields of scientific computing, geometric modeling, numerical analysis, optimization methods, and advanced 3D visualization.

We work closely with the academic community. Our consultants include university faculty whose research programs are applicable to our work.

Expert knowledge, broad experience, excellent education, and utilization of the latest technology are the ingredients of success for our products and services.


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