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ToolBox for Fixing Geometry of Surface Models



GeomFix is a ToolBox for Fixing Geometry of Surface Models.

Geomfix is easy to use. It allows you to literally see what is going on as you progress in the process of correcting and healing the surfaces.

Tool Box

GeomFix can be thought of as a toolbox filled with various utilities.

Some GeomFix tools provide a fully automated solution, while others rely upon interactions with an engineer, or a researcher, since some modifications may be application specific and therefore require human judgement.

Many of these utilities provide an immediate solution for a certain surface defect. However, some other defects require a sequence of steps, each step utilizing a particular utility from the toolbox.

Sometimes a problem can be handled in several different ways, and the user may benefit from experimenting with various approaches. In addition, there are situations, where applying utilities in a certain order allows to shorten the overall process of model repair.


GeomFix Methodology is a system of How To processes that consider a situation and recommend a sequence of steps to follow, each step being an application of a utility from the toolbox.

Thus an overall process of model repair can be thought of as a sequence of templates. Such an approach provides an engineer with a plan of actions from the beginning, and yet offers the flexibility to modify the plan as the treatment progresses.

For example, you can select an area on a surface, cut it out, reshape it in any way you wish and then insert the reshaped area into its original position.

To select an area you can define a closed curve by picking points on the surface, and GeomFix will connect these points either along existing edges, or with a geodesic path.

Some examples of the issues addressed by the GeomFix Processes are:

  • Utilization of the symmetry of a model
  • Rearrangement of parts to improve manageability of large models
  • Fitting parts by adjusting their incorrect positioning
  • Removal of irrelevant parts
  • Cutting off an irrelevant part of the surface
  • Building the intersection of parts with a gap between them

  • Models

    GeomFix works with flat faceted surfaces, the veterans of geometric modeling. Such meshes approximate smooth surfaces and are widely used for for rendering and animation, Stereolithography, VRML, Finite Element Analysis, design of biomedical implants, design of prosthetic devices, planning of plastic surgery, etc.

    GeomFix imports models in various polygonal formats as well as spline formats.


    With GeomFix you can

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